Power plant at Banjul airport in The Gambia

CE-Group is striving to bring its renewable energy know-how into new regions such as west Africa. CE-group is convinced that the key to sustainable development of The Gambia is the transfer of know-how and the involvement of local players. 

With this perspective, CE-Group was able to assist its local partner in The Gambia to sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) in mid-2021 for a grid-connected solar PV power plant with a nominal capacity of 1 MWp. The solar farm will:

● Provide safe, clean and affordable electricity for at least 20 years 
● Reduce dependency to the grid  
● Reduce the grid costs by supplying a part of the airport’s electricity consumption from the solar PV system 

It is expected that the commissioning of the project will be by early 2023.