Smart and clean energy solutions

Corporate Energies offers the whole range of expertise to fulfill customer’s needs for planning, financing, construction or optimization of clean energy power plants.

Our Services

We offer the whole range of expertise in terms of planning, financing, construction and optimization of renewable energy installations. Several affiliated and partner companies under the single holding structure combine competitive excellence, a strategic understanding of business and technical know-how. With the Germination point in Berlin, our Expansion Path leads us to a globalized company in the world.

About Us

Since 2008, the Germination Point for consulting and engineering for environmentally friendly power plants has been located in Berlin.

The team of qualified experts has more than 30 years of experience and accompanies the processes of planning, financing, realisation and operation of renewable energy projects always in the interest and to the satisfaction of CE´s customers.


Corporate Energies is the suitable partner providing connected visions and a perfect project fit leading to a success. With a strong local presence, the holding has access to the booming markets in and outside Europe. International partner branches of Corporate Energies are in many countries from Asia all the way to Latin America.


Governmental bodies

Our expertise as an independent engineer/consultant for public renewable energy projects can support governmental institutions in setting national renewable energy targets and designing the legal framework for renewable energy policies.

Project Development

With our experienced local staff and existing local subsidiaries in countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, the Philippines, Colombia, Gambia and Guinea, as well as the resulting experience in RE project development, we are available to project developers worldwide in advisory capacity.

Property owners

We offer to property owners worldwide the possibility to check their land for suitability for RE projects and, if possible, to make it usable for e.g. wind or solar energy projects in order to make the best possible use of the economic potential of the land.


Already in the project development phase, we offer electricity supply companies (Utilities) the opportunity to secure electricity quantities from RE plants developed by us.


In developing countries with booming RE markets and solid economic and demographic growth, RE projects may offer an attractive risk-reward-ratio. We offer interested investors the opportunity to invest in such projects at various stages of project.