We develop the projects from A to Z. 

The development of the renewable energy project is long and complex process integrating different fields of expertise, starting by knowing the world market, in search of real opportunities, especially in developing markets, where both authorities and investors need support.


Research & Studies

Due diligence

Project Development



Operation & Maintenance



Tailored Research

Benefit our methodology of tailored market research to enter the desired or suggested markets and make sure your needs and expectations are fulfilled.


Get an initial evaluation of the project idea and its viability: our new tool ‘Pre-Feasibility’ is there for you.

Feasibility Studies

Get a complete set of studies including technical planning, financial feasibility, grid connection studies, EISA, etc. You may also request some of the studies individually.

Wind Measurement campaigns

We provide planning, implementation and operation of wind measurement campaigns (with IEC-compliant wind met masts or LiDAR units) to ensure bankable wind resource assessments and energy yield predictions.

Infrastructure Building

Services directed towards developers and owners of renewable energy projects, looking for a competent partner for the construction of wind farms.

Owners Engineering

This service is specially directed to the owners and investors who may lack the necessary know-how.


Corporate Energies helps its clients identify the best possible options for transportation and installation via analyzing complete road systems and transportation roots.

Commercial Operations

Corporate Energies handles the processing of payments including invoicing and invoice verification, validation of compensation claims, and the supervision and control of regular cash flows with grid operators, PPA contractors, tax and legal authorities, as well as other contractual partners.

Technical Operations

Daily remote monitoring, half-yearly inspections, and visual inspections are necessary/recommended to reduce shutdowns or system failures and to prevent damage. This enables Corporate Energies to initiate or arrange immediate troubleshooting actions in the event of fault messages.

Maintenance & Repair

Unscheduled troubleshooting and repair activities has to be carried out to ensure an optimum operation of the plant and to reduce the down times to a minimum.

M&A Advisory Services

Corporate Energies takes over the transaction management, the organization of the due diligence, and advises its clients intensively in the negotiation phase until the successful closing.

Business Consulting

Many of the tasks required before and during a transaction can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and need specific market knowledge.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment as a part of Risk Management is a process of identification of the possible upcoming and foreseen/forecasted failures during the whole project lifetime.

Success Stories

3.5 GW

Development of 3.5 GW offshore wind energy projects in the Philippines 

75.6 MW

Onshore wind project in the Philippines with a capacity of 75.6 MW reached ready-to-build status.

1 MW

Development of a PV power plant at Banjul International Airport in The Gambia