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Philippine subsidiary TECC gives thanks to local families for previous support

Aklan/Philippines, 15 December 2014. By establishing a new joint venture together with the Philippine project developer Tri-Conti Elements Corporation in Manila in February of this year, our subsidiary Energy Competence Centre set a further focus on development and management of solar and wind energy projects in the Philippines.

The first projects will be realised in the upcoming year. As a result of this year, the recently established company TRICONTI ECC Renewables Corporation (TECC) evaluated solar and wind park projects in the province Aklan in the Western Visayas region.

As a way of thanking the landowners in the province Aklan for their previous encouragement and support of the current wind energy projects, company members of TECC held ready Christmas gift baskets for the local families. 

Photovoltaic and wind energy offer the region a great chance for sustainable economic development and clean and independent energy production.

About Energy Competence Centre and TRICONTI ECC Renewables Corporation

As an international service provider for investors, building contractors, project developers, and operators of wind energy turbines, Energy Competence Centre GmbH (ECC) supervises renewable energy projects.

ECC supports and advises clients over the project's entire life cycle from planning and evaluation to power plant operation. The company applies its independent expertise to ensure cost-effective implementation within set quality and time parameters. ECC is a 100 % subsidiary of Corporate Energies company group.

This year ECC further expanded its international project business into Southeast Asia. From Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, the recently founded joint venture TRICONTI ECC RENEWABLES CORPORATION (TECC) focus on development and management of solar and wind projects in the Philippines. TRICONTI ECC RENEWABLES CORPORATION is a joint venture between ECC and the local corporation Tri-Conti Elements Corporation.

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